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If our competitors sold you burnt beans or weak roasts claiming it was of a gold standard, we’ll tell you that it was probably 18k.

Having sold coffee for as long as we have, using organic farming methods, and irrigated by mother nature herself, we know know that our coffee is an absolute 24k.

We’ve hand-picked some of the finest beans, cherries, and coffee greens from Coorg, Karnataka, India. Ensured it measures exactly 450 grams, and brought it right from the farmer, roaster, or blender’s place to your doorstep, within a few hours.

Just to give your palate the experience it deserves.

The Gold Square Standard.

P.S. Why do you buy the whole bulk of coffee?

Just get what you can store, because we only sell during the harvest season. And we think storing beans for a whole year is a compromise on quality.

So, once we’re done with our stock, you’ll have to wait a whole crop rotation cycle till you can experience this again. Watch out for pepper.

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