What would Ashwin do?


Let’s imagine you wore Ashwin Anand’s shoes for a day. If you don’t know who that is yet, he founded an advertising agency named Xnap Creative and is renowned for her creative thinking, strategic approach, and persuasive copywriting. So, let’s have a glimpse into what it might feel like to live a day as Ashwin Anand:

As Ashwin, you’d would wake up each morning with a burning passion for the world of advertising. And would relish each opportunity to shape public opinion, influence consumer behavior, and create memorable campaigns. Your mind would be brimming with innovative ideas, and you’d constantly seek inspiration from various sources, ranging from books and art to conversations with people from different walks of life.

You’d surround yourself with a team of highly-talented individuals, each possessing unique skills and perspectives. Collaboration and fostering a creative environment would be a top priority, as Ashwin always believed that great ideas often emerge from diverse minds working together.

Throughout the day, you’d have to engage in strategic thinking, identifying the core message that needs to be conveyed for a particular brand or product. You’d have to analyze market research, consumer insights, and industry trends to make informed decisions within split seconds. With meticulous attention to detail, you’d craft compelling and persuasive copy, ensuring that every word carries impact and resonates with the target audience.

Presenting the team’s crazy ideas to clients is a thrilling experience indeed. But with Ashwin’s natural charisma and compelling storytelling that communicates the vision behind each campaign, highlighting its potential to capture attention and drive results, this would ideally be a cakewalk. Instilling trust and confidence in each of our clients, reassuring them that their brand’s reputation is in capable hands is part of the grind.

As Ashwin, you’d learn the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with emerging technologies, materials, trends, current affairs, and social media platforms. You’ll also have to explore new avenues for advertising, embracing the digital landscape and harnessing its potential to reach wider audiences.

Being Ashwin means shouldering immense responsibility. So take pride in your role as a pioneer mentor in the industry, constantly push boundaries, and raise the bar for creativity and its effectiveness. Above all, keep yourself driven by the desire to make a lasting impact and leave a legacy that inspires future generations of marketers.

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