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A xnap is a single syllable word that describes the sound of your camera’s shutter when you click something picturesque. It’s also a reaction, when you lose your cool, you xnap at someone. Even slam poets ask you to xnap your fingers when you can relate to their piece. We named ourselves xnap, because when our clients xnap their fingers, we deliver exceptional solutions to some of the hardest tasks presented to us with ease, in what we call a xnap second.

Who are we?

We, at Xnap Creative, are a team of creative thinkers, strategy makers, and visualizers who are keen to build and develop your website, app, offline collaterals, and social media portfolio.

As the name suggests, our team loves to stick to timelines. Once we’ve had an induction meeting, we quickly plan the user journey for your operating system (OS), app, website, blogs, storyboards, the wireframes, strategy and much more.

Once we’ve received approvals and the go ahead, we move into executing the design. In the meantime, our developers, animators, and designers shift gears and start coding and testing your project.

When the website’s ready, one team moves into building your web application. The second team begins work on the iOS version of the same.

And before you know it, we’ll all be celebrating the launch of your brand on social media, Google, and targeted mailers that’s sure to keep your clients intrigued.

How can we help you?

At every step of the way, from the logo and tagline phase to the growth stage, we work with your brand to provide the best communication strategy through a visually pleasing creative.

Our consistency in writing, managing, and sharing blogs, newsletters, case studies, and enticing brand videos help users build trust in your business.

We ensure your brand has a uniform voice, tone, and style that resonates with the target audience across all platforms. We do this with a lot of research, competitor analysis, and profiling each visitor in terms of how long they spend scrolling through your page.

And then, we make campaigns that convert visitors into loyal customers for life.

What all can we do?

We can start by giving your brand a unique name that sets it apart from all other brands in the market. Once we’ve decided on a domain, we will start working on the logo and a sweet tagline that resonates our overarching idea.

After this step, we release it into the world using a website, app, Google my business, business presentation, a series of social media posts, an enticing jingle, or even a short video.

We’ll then plan an offline strategy using posters, newspaper ads, banners, flyers, television commercials, stalls, or radio jingle.

If you wish to sell on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, or Shopify, we’ll help you set it up in a way that maximizes sales.

We’ll give products a name, description, and package that leaves your customers spellbound, urging them to buy some more.



Setting a logo, font, typography, tone, and style is only the first step to branding. We always go beyond the protocol to make our brands as unique as possible.

We set the colors and explain why it works for your specific industry and business segment. We take competitor analysis seriously, so you stand out in the crowd and clutter.

We give you a sample copy, template, and voice for all future communication with a brand book and guidelines to ensure they remain uniform across all platforms. Forever.

We take care of every little details, including punctuations, symbols, lettering, appearances in various formats, and mood boards to support our claim. 

UI/ UX/ Xcode Design

Every business in this modern day and age needs a website, software, or an application to reel in prospective customers. While third-party sources offer to increase your sales, they also charge a hefty commission that eats away most of your profit. 

We build a platform that completely yours, made especially for your customer base. We ensure you keep 100% of your income for the investment made, right at the beginning. The website, software, product, or app we create the user interface (UI) for will be the face of your business in the market. And the user experience (UX) we provide ensures new users make the purchase seamlessly, in three simple steps. 

Our articulate, minimal, and clutter-free experience is sure to reduce bounce rates and abandoned carts. 


Website/ Product/ Service/ Software/ Hardware/ App

It all starts with the brief. We learn enough about your brand, the intent, unique selling proposition, and goals. Then after we do a lot of our own research, competitor analysis, and flow mapping, we move into the wireframe, which is essentially a simple framework of the app’s structure. 

When we’re ready, we move into writing the UI copy that’s precise, succinct, and yet pleasing to read. We ensure the architecture of the content helps your user navigate through the various pages. And just before they’re about leave, we use notifications, the device settings, and messaging to keep them hooked. 

After this step, we call our handy Web 3.0, React Js, Node Js, Vision OS, Unity, or Unreal Engine engineer to test the functionalities and improve performance. A few coding wizards to cast their magical spells and a few testers to understand the treatment. Once we’re done, we share it with our testing team to ensure there are no lags or runtime errors. All you’ll have to do then is install or launch it into the world.

By Ashwin Anand

The brain behind this orchestrated chaos

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