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Logline: During a clandestine government experiment, a group of astronauts undertake a DMT-induced journey, encountering bizarre alien entities – the Xenomyrmex. Little do they know, these creatures are on a desperate mission to steal Earth’s mercury, a vital element for their dying sun, and humanity’s only hope for survival.


  • A top-secret underground facility: A sterile, high-tech complex housing the DMT experimentation program.
  • The Xenomyrmex dimension: A swirling, psychedelic realm inspired by DMT visuals; fractured landscapes, impossible geometries, and the Xenomyrmex themselves – insectoid humanoids with multifaceted eyes and shimmering exoskeletons.


  • Dr. Ava Singh (40s): A brilliant but jaded neuroscientist leading the DMT experiment. Haunted by past failures, she’s determined to unlock the secrets of human consciousness.
  • Captain Leo Ramirez (40s): A seasoned astronaut, skeptical of the experiment but willing to serve his country.
  • Dr. Arjun Kapoor (30s): A prodigy in pharmacology, responsible for synthesizing the safe administration of DMT within the experiment.
  • Lieutenant Zara Khan (20s): A brilliant but inexperienced mission specialist, eager to prove herself.
  • The Xenomyrmex Queen: An enigmatic entity, radiating an ethereal glow. She communicates telepathically with the astronauts during their DMT trips.


  • The government, facing a catastrophic solar flare threatening to cripple Earth’s infrastructure, funds a radical experiment. Dr. Singh proposes using DMT, a psychedelic drug, to bridge the gap between human consciousness and potential alien solutions.
  • A team of astronauts, including Captain Ramirez, Dr. Kapoor, and Lt. Khan, are chosen for the mission. Dr. Singh guides them through a series of DMT injections, each triggering a descent into the bizarre Xenomyrmex dimension.
  • During their trips, the astronauts encounter the Xenomyrmex, witnessing their advanced civilization but also their dying sun, ravaged by a lack of a specific element – mercury. The Xenomyrmex Queen telepathically pleads for their help, revealing Earth’s abundant mercury reserves are the key to their sun’s revival.
  • Back in reality, the team grapples with the experience. Dr. Kapoor discovers traces of mercury in their bloodstreams, a potential side effect of the DMT or a deliberate action by the Xenomyrmex. Captain Ramirez suspects a government cover-up.
  • As solar flare warnings intensify, Dr. Singh uncovers classified files revealing the government’s plan to weaponize the Xenomyrmex technology for interstellar dominance. She realizes Earth’s salvation hinges on defying these orders.
  • In a tense confrontation, Dr. Singh and the team expose the government’s plan. Captain Ramirez, convinced of the Xenomyrmex’s plight, authorizes a daring escape from the facility with a vial of their own blood – a token of humanity’s offering.
  • In a heart-pounding climax, the team uses a hidden spacecraft to reach a pre-designated location. The Xenomyrmex Queen appears in a magnificent ship, accepting their offering. A surge of energy revitalizes the alien sun, and the Xenomyrmex Queen expresses gratitude through telepathic visions of a future alliance.


  • Questioning Reality
  • Altruism vs. Self-Preservation
  • The Power of Consciousness

Visual Style:

  • A stark contrast between the sterile facility and the mind-bending DMT realm. The Xenomyrmex dimension is a visual feast, inspired by DMT trip reports – vivid colors, morphing landscapes, and the Xenomyrmex themselves, a blend of beauty and alien grotesquerie.
  • The film utilizes split-screens to showcase the real world and the DMT trips simultaneously, highlighting the blurred lines between consciousness and reality.

Xenomyrmex delves into the uncharted territory of consciousness and alien encounters. It’s a story about defying authority, embracing empathy across unimaginable boundaries, and the potential for humanity to find salvation in the most unexpected places.

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