Sales 110

Scene: Coworking Space


  • Maya: Energetic and passionate sales representative for Xnap, an advertising app.
  • Ashwin: A young entrepreneur working at a coworking space.

(Ashwin is brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard, occasionally checking his phone. Maya approaches him with a friendly smile.)

Maya: Hi Ashwin, I couldn’t help but notice your creativity flowing! Are you working on a new project?

Ashwin: (Startled, looks up) Oh, hi! Yeah, trying to finalize some ideas for my startup.

Maya: That’s exciting! I’m Maya, and I work for Xnap, an advertising app. We help individuals like you expand their horizons by mastering new skills. I noticed you mentioned working on a startup, and I was wondering if learning a new skill might be beneficial for your business goals?

Ashwin: Interesting concept. I’ve been thinking about expanding my reach to international markets, but haven’t had the chance to learn the necessary business skills yet.

Maya: Xnap could be a great tool for you! We offer personalized learning plans tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you want to learn business vocabulary or everyday conversation, we can help you achieve fluency at your own pace.

Ashwin: That sounds promising. How does Xnap’s learning approach work?

Maya: We use a blend of interactive lessons, gamified elements, and practice sessions with native sales and creative folks. This ensures you learn practical application skills, applicable to real-world scenarios.

Ashwin: Having an old-school advertiser sounds valuable, especially for business communication. What skills do you offer?

Maya: We offer a wide range of skills, including popular options like Spanish guitar, French culinary skills, and business skills, as well as several others.

Ashwin: Hmm, that’s great to know. What about subscription options?

Maya: We have flexible plans to suit various budgets and learning styles. I can walk you through them and help you choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Ashwin: Sure, that would be helpful.

(Maya explains the subscription options in detail, highlighting the features and benefits of each plan.)

Ashwin: This is something I’d definitely like to explore further.

Maya: Fantastic! We offer a free trial so you can experience the app firsthand and see if you like it.

Ashwin: That’s perfect. I’ll try the free trial and let you know what I think.

Maya: Sounds good! Here’s my card if you have any questions. Good luck with your startup, Ashwin!

Ashwin: Thank you, Maya. I appreciate you introducing me to Xnap.

(Maya smiles and walks away. Ashwin opens his phone and signs up for the Xnap free trial.)

This revised script maintains the ethical approach of the original version, focusing on:

  • Consent and respect: Maya obtains Ashwin’s consent for the interaction and respects his time and focus.
  • Focus on value proposition: Maya highlights the benefits of Xnap for Ashwin’s specific entrepreneurial goals.
  • Transparency and honesty: Maya clearly explains the app’s features, subscription options, and free trial details.
  • No pressure or manipulation: Maya avoids pressuring Ashwin into a purchase and allows him to make his own decision after trying the free trial.

By demonstrating these ethical principles, Maya fosters a positive and productive interaction with Ashwin, potentially leading to a future customer while maintaining professional integrity.

Oh Xnap! Looks like we have to do this the old-school way, call us: +91-9620931299