Banaswadi Police Brutality

I spent the whole day in Banaswadi station, what was my crime? I helped a friend in need. But I had my lunch with the asst. commissioner.

Got the network back online.

I sat down in the board room, like I belonged in here.

I must tell you, these ‘human beings’ are nothin’ like the hounds of hell.

Okay, let’s spit some local poetic justice.

Shata nan maga Sanju, Kumar antha lastu.

8163498028 numbru, but 420 thara cheatu

Manjunath avan drivaru

Hegde Nagar nalli mane, caru.

Police Quarters inda saibru.

Sampige Nagar tigeru.

Market manipulate madbeku antha,

But manasakshi namde rightu.

Illandre hog sayso.

Transfer madsthivi avange pakka,

Bari olu avan, makla.

The phone is dead, so, I won’t even be able to call back the clients who try to reach me. I had no idea how a policeman could behave like a common thief.

Without an acknowledgement it’s hard for me to get a new sim card, and all the one time passwords go there.

Oh Xnap! Looks like we have to do this the old-school way, call us: +91-9620931299