kheyal is in the raag Iman, which is a majestic and introspective raga. It is often associated with themes of love, longing, and separation. The tritaal tala is a slow, compound tala that lends a sense of grandeur and majesty to the raga. The madhyama laya is a moderate tempo that allows for a clear and expressive rendition of the raga.

The pallavi is a simple, repetitive phrase that sets the mood and theme of the song. The abhimukhi is a more elaborate section that develops the melody and explores the raga’s characteristic swaras. The antara is a contrasting section that introduces new melodic ideas. The charan is a repeat of the pallavi.

The singer, in this case, would use a variety of techniques to bring out the beauty and emotion of the raga. These techniques might include:

  • Tanpura: The tanpura would provide a drone, which would help to establish the raga’s tonic and dominant notes.
  • Tabla: The tabla would provide the rhythm, which would help to set the tempo and mood of the song.
  • Voice: The singer would use a variety of vocal techniques, such as gamak, murki, and taan, to create a sense of beauty and expressiveness.

This is just one example of a kheyal in the raag Iman. There are many other possible renditions, depending on the singer’s individual style and interpretation.

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