• Sa
  • Ri
  • Ga
  • Ma
  • Pa
  • Dha
  • Ni

Sudhdha swar are pure and unadulterated notes. They are the foundation of Indian classical music, and they are used in all ragas.

Vikrita Swaras

Vikrita swar are notes that are derived from the sudhdha swar. They are created by adding or subtracting a half step from a sudhdha swar.

There are six vikrita swar:

  • Komal (flat) swar are created by subtracting a half step from a sudhdha swar.
  • Teevra (sharp) swar are created by adding a half step to a sudhdha swar.

Vikrita swar are an essential part of Indian classical music. They are used to create the unique character of each raga.

For example, the raga Bilawal is a bright and cheerful raga that is often used for bhajans. It uses the sudhdha swar Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, and Dha.

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