Stums, Decision Trees, and Lambda


  • In computer science: Stums refer to small decision trees used in machine learning algorithms like random forests. They are simple trees with few nodes and leaves, and they are used to make predictions by aggregating the predictions of many individual stums.

Decision Tree Machine Learning

  • In music: Stums can refer to mistakes or hesitations made by a musician while playing.
  • In general: Stums can simply mean obstacles or hindrances that prevent someone from making progress.


  • In mathematics: Lambda (λ) is a symbol used in various contexts, including calculus, set theory, and lambda calculus. In calculus, it represents an anonymous function, while in set theory, it is used to denote the empty set. Lambda calculus is a formal system for expressing computation based on function abstraction and application.

Lambda Calculus

  • In computer science: Lambda is also used as a name for several programming languages and frameworks, such as Lambda calculus-based languages and serverless computing frameworks.
  • In physics: Lambda can refer to the wavelength of light or other electromagnetic radiation.

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